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Thank you!

Thankyou for alll that you do - you are all very appreciated xx

The Wizzos

Thank you to all the first responders. You are all appreciated and valued more than you know. A BIG THANK YOU for all you do for the community!

Hocking Stars ELC

Where would we be without you? Thank you for everything


Thank you for your dedication to ensuring the safety of our community. The challenges are great, but your tireless efforts are not going unnoticed.


Sending lots of love to all the first responders out there. Thank you for everything you do.

Chintani Heenpella

God bless you and your families for your bravery and resilience in the face of adversity, supporting our communities in times when we need urgent help. May God keep you all safe from harm and protect our communities from evil and hardships and calamities in all their forms, amen.

Gulhan Y

Your bravery, selflessness, and unwavering dedication to serving and protecting our communities do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your tireless efforts in times of crisis, for putting yourselves on the line to ensure the safety and well-being of others. Your courage and commitment inspire us all, and we are immensely grateful for everything you do. Please know that your sacrifices and contributions are deeply appreciated and valued.


I have been on the journey of motherhood for 10 years now and my local first repsonders have been there to help and suppport my family on several occasions. My kids have had Burns, Falls, Deep Wounds and 1 broken leg. The Special Care Ambo here in Tiwnsville was so caring, efficient and comforting on the 2 occasions she came to help us. So Much so that my 7 year old wants to be an Ambulance Officer when she grows up. I will always be so grateful to our Ambos and all of the first repsonders in our community and all across the country for the amazing couragous support they provide to the community every single day . Thank you!!


So thankful to all first responders who don’t think twice about putting their lives on the line daily to keep our community safe! Thank you for your service xxx


Thank you for doing what at times can be an extremely challenging and thankless job


Dhawaljot Kaur

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Whish Family

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Robbie Campo

We thank all First Responders for the service in our community everyday.

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Ken and Sonia Duncan

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Well done Michelle!!! You're doing awesome! Keep that good sh!t up! Kia kaha!

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Ada Yan

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