The Fit4Duty Challenge

Starting May 6, train like a first responder for 8 weeks,
learn about physical and mental resilience, and raise funds! 

Inspired by First Responder Movement Requirements

Fit4Duty has been designed by BOND Performance to maximise training capacity, allowing participants to train like first responders for an 8 week period. 


Strength and endurance is crucial for our first responders to ensure that can respond effectively. 



The ability to tolerate cardiovascular stress is extremely important for first responders undertaking operational duties. 



Recovery is an important part of your challenge regime! Fit4Duty has built in recovery to ensure you are taking care of your body and enhancing its resilience. 

Built by BOND Performance

Bond Performance was created as a meeting place for great workouts and social interaction between like-minded people. It is a place where as a community we strive to be the best versions of ourselves and constantly pursue never-ending improvement.

Physical Fitness for Mental Resilience

Regular exercise can have a protective effect against development of mental health conditions, physical diseases, and injury. 

Exercise has also been shown to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression by over 32%! 


Do I have to pay to access the Fit4Duty Program?

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No. As soon as you register for Fit4Duty the information on how to gain access to the program will be emailed to you. 

What fitness level do I need to participate?

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Fit4Duty has been inspired by first responder movement requirements. As such, a baseline level of experience in a gym is recommended. However, all workouts can be scaled to your needs. 

Where does the money raised go? 

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All money raised goes to Fortem's service delivery, allowing better access for First Responders and their families across Australia.