About Us

We deliver support to first responders and their families because those we honour for saving lives and protecting our communitues shouldn't have to hurt from helping us.

Responding with Resilience

Fortem leads Australia in delivering support to first responders and their families. 

We focus on early-intervention - nurturing resilience to boost mental fitness in the face of tough conditions. That way, our first responders become bendable, not breakable.

Our organisation remains independent, even while working with first responder agencies and other valued partners to drive improvement across the sector. By staying true to those we serve, first responders can engage our services with full confidence. 

Because when we support the people who keep our communities safer, we support every Australian.

What we do

Our rich ecosystem of services covers everything from social connections and wellbeing activities, to confidential counselling, strategic career management and online resources.

Wellbeing Activities

Our wellbeing activities are designed to nurture resilience by engaging individuals and their social networks to proactively look after their health and seek support when they need it. 

Psychology and Counselling

Our clinical services exist to support our first responders and their families in the face of tough conditions. 
All sessions are private, independent and free for first responders and their immediate family members. 

Career Management Program

Fortem’s Career Management Program supports first responders and their families with both Career Maintenance and Career Adjustment.

Online Wellbeing Resources

Fortem places high importance on connecting the first responder community to accessible, quality, and relevant information that can promote insight, reflection, and help-seeking.

Learn more about our impact

Hear from some of the first responders who Fortem have supported since 2019.