Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fortem Australia?

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Fortem is a national not-for-profit organisation that provides specialised mental health and wellbeing support to first responders and their families.

Since 2019, Fortem has supported over 15,000 first responders and their families to ensure they become bendable, not breakable, in the face of tough conditions. 

With a focus on early intervention, Fortem assists first responders and their families nurture resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. 

Who do Fortem support?

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Fortem Australia support first responders and their families (inner circles). 

This includes everyone from firefighters, police, paramedics, SES and RFS volunteers. You can learn more about who we support here

Where does the money raised go?

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Funds raised will go toward activities and support services for first responders and their families who have worked this bushfire season. These funds allow us to extend our delivery of services to our first responder community outside of our current BAU funding. 

Who is the Frontline Fund raising money for? 

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Frontline Fund is raising money for Fortem Australia, to be used to deliver crucial mental health and wellbeing services to first responders and their families, who have worked during the 2023-2024 summer bushfire season. 

How do I support the Frontline Fund?

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You can donate directly to Fortem's Frontline Fund, register a team and fundraise on our behalf, or donate to an individual or team who you are familiar with.