Tyson Taylor

Tyson is a current serving operational Firefighter with Fire Rescue Victoria to which he has served since 2018 upon stepping down from his fulltime military service as an Army Officer for almost 12 years. His operational deployments include Afghanistan where he provided protection and lifesaving medical treatment to the Afghan community, humanitarian assistance and disaster missions of the Australian Floods, COVID Pandemic, and Bushfires.

Tyson continues to be an active community leader in improving mental health in First Responders and Military Service Personnel, particularly in Suicide and Post Traumatic Stress Injury prevention that sadly, many battle with. His ongoing support extends to his fellow firefighters within Fire Rescue Victoria, to the wider Victorian First Responder Community and to Veterans through his appointment as an Active Reserve Army Officer and Governor of the Shrine of Remembrance.

He knows too well the impacts that service life has both personally and professionally on an individual, family and friends with his own experiences losing his serviceman grandfather, soldiers and first responder friends and colleagues to suicide and mental health challenges.

Tyson is passionate about his new appointment as a Fortem Australia Ambassador and is excited to talk with and reach out further to the wider Australian community who choose a life of service, so he can aid in reducing the stigma related to mental health challenges as well as connect, relate to and provide appropriate support mechanisms to keep the brave mentally fit for a life of longevity and returning home back safe to their loved ones.